Personalized and Powerful Training

We know everyone is starting to look at the role they're playing in upholding anti-blackness and racism in America. This is not a one-day training where you can learn the information and hope that everyone on staff "gets it" this is a process of commitment to doing whatever it takes no matter how long it takes to make it right and get it right. Whether you’re doing your part now or you don't know where to start we will work with you to activate a plan for ensuring that you are

Each plan is outfitted with a development trainer, training resources, and consulting sessions.

The Ally Seminar

A full robust 6- session process of anti-racism and anti-blackness. Delivered Virtually or In-person. This is best for schools, colleges, and corporations.

6- Sessions of Development Training System:

  • The Five P's of Anti-Racist Work: It's Your Job to Know This
  • When Whiteness Surfaces Here's How It Affects Your Black Employees /Student
  • This is What Happens When You Don't Understand Power as a Manager/Co-Worker/Faculty
  • The Subtle Ways Your Company & School Culture Creates & Reinforces Anti-Blackness
  • This is a conversation about Equity, not Equality.
  • Undoing the Habit of Being Racist

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Custom Training

You know exactly what you want. You want to amp up the process and double down on your commitment to anti-blackness work.

  • The complete Ally seminar process plus
  • Custom sessions that reflect the needs of your audience
  • Black employee/student support
  • Training specifically for your senior-level leadership

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