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The Ally Training System works with some of the brightest minds who have hybrid backgrounds. This allows us to work with your team with a unique understanding of your business needs. Our team's background extends across education, marketing, media, and law and everything in between.  

Meet our directors of training and learning.

Ms.Queenie Johnson, M.A.

This is Ms.Queenie. She's our lead education consultant. After working in the classroom for 10 years, she transitioned to training million-dollar entrepreneurs and small business owners across the United States on the art and science of packaging their brand message for premium sales while also teaching them how to scale their message with curriculum and courses. She has trained business leaders in real estate, health care, media, and education to meet their employees' needs and business goals.

She brings her training as a social justice educator, trained intergroup dialogue facilitator, and progressive educational leader of 20 years to her work. Ms.Queenie's superpower is getting everyone to act on the information they've learned to get their desired results quickly.

Known for her role as the go-to education consultant for Black Hollywood creatives and celebrities, Queenie co-created Black School with her students to give them a safe place to explore their culture and identity. The Ally training system was birth out of a need to create allies so that her students can live in a more just society. We created Black School for White People- The Ally Community, reaching over 1200 allies from Scotland, Japan, Europe, Hawaii, and Australia.

Ms. Queenie is committed to eradicating racism in the classroom, corporate offices, and communities. She's a graduate of Occidental College. She has a Bachelor's in Psychology, a California Multiple-Subject Teaching credential, and a Master's Degree in Human Development & Social Change from Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, California.

Unique Robinson

Meet Unique, our director of corporate partnership and marketing. With a decade of experience, Unique has developed a highly trained muscle for client relationships, building bridges to create win-win partnerships. Unique's love of hiking allows her to view the world through an open lens. She is a graduate of Phoneix University with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing.

Adrian Carpenter, Esq

This is Adrian. She works as Staff Counsel for the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. She was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to serve in a quasi-judicial position as a panel member for the Cannabis Control Appeals Panel after serving as a Deputy Legal Affairs Officer in his administration.

There she advised the governor on criminal justice matters, reviewed parole, pardon, and commutation requests on behalf of the governor. Adrian's extensive background from DA to non-profit consultant allows her to bring a rich understanding of how anti-blackness and racism show up in the workplace. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Politics from Occidental College, a Master of Public Administration degree from California State University, Northridge, and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of San Francisco, School of Law.

Adrian works out of Sacramento to meet the needs of our northern clients.

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